EQ: Rainbow Rocks

Saw the new movie! Loved it! Won’t spoil anything here but it was a really good movie

Swifty: Hopefully I’ll start feeling more motivated….Also…poor Donnie…he deserves better….my Donnie baby is so sad…T_T I’ll try to do more later…

I am Going to Draw tomorrow!

I’ve most of the morning in the afternoon going to my mom’s to spellabrate Jewish New Years

Life Update: I’m still alive!

Okay so here’s what going on in my life so far. I no longer work at Target they said too many customers complained about me….I say bullshit on that even my co-works think that was BS…good news is I still have a job…not as well paying right now but it’s work in my field of study… I’m doing some graphic work for a small local company…I hope to be getting more hours at a later time….also…I was going to update today but today…I just REALLY, REALLY wanted to read so I kept all technology off *save for my kindle…can’t read without my kindle* and just read comics most of today…I’ve got all weekend to draw stuff if you want to send me something to draw pop it in my index box!



Sorry ya’ll

Sorry everypony, I know I haven’t updated lately but life has been REALLY busy since my mod started her new job at Target and now she is also starting a 2nd job…adulthood sucks sometimes…but I have been informed she is going to start taking Fridays off and she is determined to start updating again!

mod is Sick

Dragon Con was awesome…took some pictures after I edit them to make them more see-able I’ll post them….but I came back with a cold…my lungs they BURN…..don’t know when I’ll feel better but I’ll try my hardest to update soon…goodnight

Hey! I'm going to dragon con, first timer. Any tips?

honestly I’m a first timer for Dragon Con but I’ve been to other cons like AWA just pick and choose what you wanna do their and make a schedule of the events you wanna see!


Hey Followers! I’m giving you all an update I know I haven’t done any questions and next time I have actual free time I’ll sit and draw but for the the next four days I’ll be working non-stop! And This Friday thru Monday is Dragon Con! For four days working four days of conventioning! If anyone is going to Dragon con let me know! I’d love to hang out with you!

Sorry guys

Hey sorry I didn’t update today, it was a day off and I really wanted to play the new Tales of Xillia 2 game….so far IT’S AWESOME!! I also wanted to do some running around today….took Luna to the vet for her final vaccinations last time it was my other cat Molly….and I went to the mall cause I sold a futon and came into some money and REALLY wanted to buy Leonardo….and that turned into a headache ;( they were sold out in store so I had to order online….so I bought a gift card…should have been simple right? NOPE! The cashier forgot to activate it! I paid 25.00 freaking dollars for an inactive card! Called their customer service and several hours waited to be told it was active only to STILL get an error message “Error unable to apply balance to checkout” so I had to call them AGAIN! So the lady I was talking to placed the order for me….at least I’m getting Leo-chan….but damn it took forever just for me to figure out the order confirmation went to my junk box instead of my index -_- so for hours I was worrying if she actually ordered my turtle or was going to go hog wild with my card -_-…so frustrating… at least I get paid tomorrow and the 29th is Dragon Con…which I get to go to this year….


Too much